Other Writing

Jean publishes essays, reflections, and other writing through various outlets.


I typically write on topics related to the self-help/self-improvement/wellness industry for ElephantJournal.

SEEK Safely

Here you’ll find content that I create for SEEK Safely’s blog. SEEK Safely is the non-profit my family created after my sister Kirby died at a self-improvement retreat. SEEK aims to empower seekers of self-help to stay safe on their journey, promote ethics and safety within the industry, and bring about legislation to regulate the industry.


You’ll find other broad reflections and critiques here.

You have this way of being both clear and concise and also moving and poetic at the same time. You know exactly what you have to say – no more, no less – to drive the point you’re trying to make home in the loveliest way possible. I just love your writing voice.

An Enthusiastic Reader

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